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As the pace of modern software development picks up speed, more threat actors are using that rapid production of applications as opportunities to attack vulnerabilities in your code. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to safeguard your software development life-cycle and improve the security of your applications.

Types of security platforms

Security platforms integrate vendor-specific functions as well as third-party functions, allowing security teams to work more efficiently, faster, and more collaboratively by simplifying integration, improving visibility, sharing intelligence, and automating work-flows across endpoints, cloud, network, and applications.

Secure Software Development

Application security can’t be an afterthought in the development process. To build a truly secure application, you have to integrate security practices into all stages of the software development life-cycle, from training to response.

A robust development life-cycle includes a mix of manual and automated testing tools and a focus on giving developers the knowledge they need to prioritize and fix flaws early on, before they cause problems. Vera-code offers world-class training, as well as integrated testing tools and services that can be built into any work-flow, making it easy to continually improve your application security (App-Sec) program.

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